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Oh that Heavenly….Drone

by admin

A pet peeve of mine has always been the editorializing that newspapers routinely get away with when they publish a photo of a politician or other well know person along with a negative story that depicts them as troubled or discomforted by the news.  But the Internet is a slightly different.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this Drudge Report treatment of  Janet Napolitano’s testimony that Predator Drones were now guarding the Texas border.


This is self satire as well as satire of the practice of editorializing with pictures. It outs by exaggeration. Well, gross exaggeration and is made funnier, at least for me, by all the recent publicity the use of drones in the Tribal Territories of Pakistan against al Qaeda has gotten in the press. As Marshal McLuhan would point out:  when new forms emerge we see them through the lens of existing forms. In this case the new form has been around long enough that we are seeing the old form through the eyes of the new.


Refreshing Independence

I’m not at all sure that blogs will replace journalism as we know it.  I am sure that the best independent journalists provide a view that has become institutionally difficult or impossible for ‘professional’ journalists to supply. I think of how war reporter Michael Yon allows emotion to enter into his reporting in a way [...]

Fox’s Popularity

Conservatives have been celebrating the extraordinary popularity of Fox News in the era of Obama. A recent example is In From the Cold’s description of drastic cutbacks at ABC News and the continuing struggle for ratings at CNN. For me this raises the question of whether or not the shrinkage affecting traditional print journalism is [...]

Something is Happening

This post by Shannon Love at Chicago Boyz argues in The New York Times of Cable News that Fox’s dominance of the cable news business is driving news content similar to the way the New York Times has long determined what stories will be reported on. I’m not at all sure it is that simple, [...]


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