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The Kernel

July 29th, 2007 by admin | No Comments

The Kernel

I am using the word kernel as the starting point for a new media theory intentionally imitating the way the computer operating system Linux was developed. In operating system terminology the kernel is the core code that is loaded at start up. Linus Torvalds put the beginnings of the Linux kernel on the Internet in [...]

War in the Livingroom

July 13th, 2007 by admin | 1 Comment

War in the Livingroom

Note: a second foundation post explaining the kernel or core of my proposed new media theory is still ‘under construction.’ Like many before me attempting to put forward a new theory, the need to specify assumptions and context is proving a bigger task than first imagined. I can report that I have made considerable progress [...]


I propose developing a new media theory as called for by Camile Paglia based on the work of Marshal McLuhan, Norman A Brown, Leslie Fiedler, as well as Eric S Raymond, Glenn Reynolds and others. See the Invitation for fuller information and how you may be able to participate. I want your help just like Linus Torvalds wanted help developing Linux.


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