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I grew up on the edge of the Eastern Intellectual Establishment in a small New Hampshire town among Polish immigrants, ne’er do wells and descendants of the guys who ran General Gage out of Boston in the 1770s. They taught me to recognize and appreciate a hole in the ground. I learned about literature and psychology and such at Columbia graduating in 1964. A master’s degree from SIU in media was followed by a teaching career and forays into various businesses ranging from consulting to Aboriginal institutions in Northern Australia to trying to mine gold in Zimbabwe.


I propose developing a new media theory as called for by Camile Paglia based on the work of Marshal McLuhan, Norman A Brown, Leslie Fiedler, as well as Eric S Raymond, Glenn Reynolds and others. See the Invitation for fuller information and how you may be able to participate. I want your help just like Linus Torvalds wanted help developing Linux.


lgude*at*newmediatheory *dot*net